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The conference ELEN prepared by Czech Technical University of Prague September 2008

Published paper "Wind Farm Equivalent for Transient Stability Calculations" deals with wind turbine modelling -see Publication (available after registration).

the 8th conference Control of Power System - CPS'08, June 11-13. High Tatras Slovakia

the 9th international scientific "Electric Power Engineering" Brno May 2008

Plenary lecture Advanced analysis of power system disturbances by the network simulator was presented.

the 14th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON Ajaccio, May 5-7

Paper "Distance Protection Model for Network Simulators" delas with a new model implemented in the MODES network simulator.

Participation in the EWIS project -UCTE/ETSO European Wind Integration Study

The kick of meeting of the second phase of this project took place on June 20 2007 in Brusells. Working group „Power System Analysis" will deal especially by dynamic stability calculation of the wind generators 1.fáze projektu viz :""

the 7. International Scinetific Conference Electric Power Engineering June 2007

The Plenary lecture POWER SYSTEM DISTURBANCES - TECHNICAL PHYSICAL POINT OF VIEW was presented - see Publications (available after Registration).

The III.rd International Symposium (High Tatras -Slovakia September 2005)

Papar dealing of a new model of combined gas cykle power plant implemented in the MODES was published. This model consists of improved model of the gas turbine (with modeling of outlet gas temperature and regualation) and new heat recover steam boiler model.

6th International Scinetific Conference Electric Power Engineering 2005

The join paper with Mr. V. Machem was published. It deals with comparing results of unsymmetrical short circuit current calculations carried by the MODES and ATP softwares. The second paper dealt with calculations carrid out before the auxiliaries startup of nuclear power station Dukovany from hydro pumped power plant Dalešice. The simulation results was compared with real measureemnt.

the 6th international conference Control of Power System - CPS'04

This conference took place on 16. july in High Tatras (Slovakia). Two papers about island operation and damping interarea oscillations were published.

The MELECON Conference 2004

The Conference took place on Dubrovník May 12. The join paper: A. Borghetti, C.A.Nucci, M. I.Petružela: Power System Dynamic during Large Power Unbalance and Island Operation of Units (dealing of Italian blackout on 28.9.2003) was presented by Mr.Petruzela.

IEEE PowerTech 2003 Bologna

A join paper was woked out (by authors A. Borghetti, K. Maslo, M. Paolone, I.Petružela, S. Spelta) and published: Steam unit and gas turbine power station reliable control for network black-start-up

University of Bologna Workshop

This workshop took place on 27.9.2002 against two years. It was focused on power system dynamics and using of MODES package..

The MODES package presentation in frame of PMAPS -Naples

This presentation took place on 25.9.2002 during Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems conference.

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